Mercedes S-Class W-140

1991-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Mercedes S-Class
- Mercedes-Benz cars of a class S (W-140)
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Engine start from the auxiliary power supply
   Diagnostics of malfunctions
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ gear shifting Box
+ Avtomaticheckaya transmission
+ Coupling
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Poddomkrachivaniye and towage


The automobile jack is in an additional compartment under a trunk floor, near a spare wheel.

For jack transfer into position take it from a luggage compartment, wring out up and turn to the right against the stop a driving vorotok.

Before jack laying in a luggage compartment bring it into a transport condition: develop a persistent finger to a jack support, wring out a vorotok up and turn to the left against the stop.

The regular jack is intended only for short-term lifting of the car at wheel replacement! Before performance of any works under the car it is necessary to establish it on special props.

The heel of a jack should be rested against an equal and firm surface. At friable soil use a special lining (in a winter season it is useful to have a piece of a wide board in the car).

Park the car on an equal horizontal platform, whenever possible with a firm covering.

Firmly cock the parking brake.

At the corresponding complete set transfer the AT selector lever to the situation "R".

Prop up protivootkatny boots a wheel located on a diagonals from a subject to replacement.

At procedure performance on a bias it is necessary to enclose boots under both wheels of the second axis from descent.

Take from a luggage carrier the necessary tool (a jack, a ballonny key) and a spare wheel (see. Head Operation manual). Make assembly of a two-section ballonny key.
At the corresponding complete set remove a protective cap of a disk, then weaken bolts of fastening of wheels.

Having hooked a screw-driver, remove an opening cap under jack installation. Openings under installation of a jack are in body thresholds behind arches of lobbies and ahead of arches of back wheels.

Rotating a driving vorotok, achieve a full separation of a subject to wheel replacement from the earth.

Fill a basic finger of a jack against the stop (completely) in a reception opening of a threshold. Bring a jack into strictly vertical situation (even if the car is parked on a slope)

Turn out the top bolt of fastening of a wheel and screw instead of it aligning pin from a set of the onboard tool. Turn out the remained bolts and make replacement of the failed wheel.

For fastening of wheels only firm bolts with Mercedes-Benz logo designation should be used

1 — the Bolts applied to fastening of wheels of 8 Ѕ by Jx18 with the disks AMG on 5 openings
2 — the Bolts applied to fastening of wheels of 7 Ѕ by Jx16 with stamped disks on 5 or 6 openings
3 — the Bolts applied to fastening of wheels of 7 Ѕ by Jx16 with cast disks

Combine the failed wheel and the tool on the regular places in a luggage compartment of the car.


Transportation of the emergency car on a wrecker platform.

For loading of an emergency vehicle on the wrecker towing eyes can be used, - at the corresponding complete set do not forget to transfer the AT selector lever to the situation "N".

Fastening of the car is made only on wheels/disks.

In order to avoid damages do not fix at all the car for suspension bracket elements!

Towage of the emergency car

Strictly speaking, the emergency car should be towed with the driving (back) wheels torn off from the earth (even better - on a wrecker platform).

Models with AT

The cars equipped with AT, can be towed by a forward course on all four wheels with the speed which is not exceeding 50 km/h and on distance no more than 50 km.

Non-compliance maximum or distances of towage can lead speeds to transmission damage.

Before the beginning of towage check level of transmission liquid (see. The section Check of level of ATF, replacement of the AT filter of Head Routine maintenance), - at insufficient level of ATF, it is necessary to make necessary adjustment, or to tow the car only with the driving wheels torn off from the earth.

Towage of equipped AT of the car on big distances, and also with the failed transmission should be made only with a separation of driving wheels from the earth, or with disconnected kardanny in bulk! In an ideal - on a wrecker platform. Make the following preparatory procedures:

   a) Release the parking brake;
   b) Start the engine;
   c) Transfer the selector lever to situation "D", then - in neutral («N»);
   d) Muffle the engine;
   e) Turn the ignition key in situation 2 (at all do not leave it in situation 0);
   f) Function «During movement» can be switched off automatic locking of doors.

All models

Use at towage of an emergency vehicle only towing cable specially intended for this purpose. Application of modern synthetic materials allowed to adjust release of towing cables of the elastic design minimizing danger of breaks as a result of hit of a sling under wheels of the towed car.

The most convenient and safe means of towage of the car on wheels is the rigid towing bar.

The towing element (cable/bar) should cling only to a special towing eye, - at all for a bumper or suspension bracket elements.

The back towing eye is located on the right under a bumper, a forward towing eye - on the right under a decorative cover. Enter a hand into a groove of a cover and remove the last, having left suspended on safety tapes.

At installation of a decorative cover track reliability of a zashchelkivaniye of the top clamp.
The driver of the towing car should try to move as much as possible evenly, smoothly releasing coupling at gear shifting and, especially, at a troganiye from a place.

At management of a towed vehicle watch, that during movement the cable constantly remained tense, - manipulating a foot brake, try not to allow sharp breakthroughs and arrivals on a proslablenny cable.
Do not forget to turn a key in the lock of ignition of the towed car in the situation ON, otherwise inevitably there will be a blocking of a steering column. Besides, at the included ignition indexes of turns and stoplights are activated also.

Activation of indexes of turns at the switched-on alarm system leads to temporary shutdown of the last.

Remember that at the switched-off engine efficiency of braking of the car considerably decreases because the vacuum amplifier of brakes ceases to function. Thus it is necessary to squeeze out a pedal of a foot brake with much big, than usually effort. On the models equipped with the power steering, at maneuvering performance the bigger effort should be put to a steering wheel.

Before a start of motion drivers of both vehicles (towing and towed) should coordinate among themselves a route.

Movement should be carried out only with moderate speeds, on the shortest route and observance of traffic regulations. Avoid sharp braking, accelerations and maneuvering. Remember that at car towage on edge of a dirt road always there is a danger of demolition on a roadside.

After a detachment of plugs of the storage battery or at the discharged storage battery the electronic key in the lock of ignition does not turn any more, and the lever of the AT selector remains blocked in the situation "R". (The charging of the storage battery is considered in Head Routine maintenance or engine Start by means of the auxiliary storage battery - address to the materials Introduction to the Management).

Povorachivaniye of an electronic key in the lock of ignition it is possible only at the attached and charged storage battery. If the electronic key in the lock of ignition does not give in to a povorachivaniye, the lever of the AT selector remains blocked in the situation "R".

At towage with the lifted forward bridge or control of the parking brake at the stand for test of brakes the engine should be switched off. Otherwise owing to active braking action of electronic protivozanosny (ESP) there will be a damage of brake system of the back bridge.

Towage for the purpose of engine start

Before starting engine start by a method of towage of the car, it is necessary whenever possible to try to use the auxiliary power supply.

Try not to allow situations of locking of keys in salon when pushing car, - activators of door locks work at rotation of the left forward wheel when the key is in situation 2.

Models with RKPP

Towage for the purpose of start of the engine should be made at the connected storage battery and turned in the lock situation 2 by the ignition key.

Engine start by a method of pushing or towage should be made only at the cold engine and the catalytic converter. Avoid repeated long attempts of start.

Models with AT

Start of the engine of equipped AT by a method of towage or pushing is not obviously possible, - in case of need use the auxiliary power supply.